Home Improvement/ Extension Loans


Looking to build an additional floor in existing property or planning to furnish your old home , now a renovation or repair and maintenance of your home in order to uplift your quality of life is easy. Add up a floor to your home, or a new room to your existing residential unit with NHHFDL Home Renovation/ Improvement Loans to make your life convenient and peaceful.



  • Repair and maintenance of your existing property
  • Extending your existing residential unit
  • Adding a floor or a new room to your existing property


  • The applicant/co applicant should has minimum 21 years and maximum 70 years of age


  • Home loan is flexible as per customer requirement. Home loans ranging from tenure 5-25 years are available.

Rate of Interest

  • We provide floating rate of interest which is determined as per market conditions and it is linked to our BPLR – Benchmark Prime Lending Rate.

Home Improvement Loan eligibility

Minimum loan amount which can be availed from NHHFDL is Rs 1 Lakh and above. We provide funding upto 80% of Market value. Any salaried or self employed professional/non professional  is eligible for home loan from NHHFDL. However Home loan amount is calculated by taking various factors as :-

  1. Age
  2. Income
  3. Profile
  4. Saving Habit
  5. Expenses
  6. Repayment Track record

Benefits of availing Home Improvement Loan from NHHFDL

  • Funding available across major part of properties under Delhi/NCR
  • Easy Documentation
  • Attractive Rates of Interest
  • Personalized and Hassle free customer service
  • Transparent Processes
  • Fast and efficient loan processing


Still having queries , looking for help ? Call us at 0120 4180500 Extension 1611 & 1216

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