KYC Requirnment

National Housing Bank (NHB) has issued guidelines on Know Your Customer (KYC) vide its circular bearing NHB/ND/DRS/POL – No. 33/2010-11 dated October 11, 2010, advising Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) to ensure that a proper policy framework on ‘Know Your Customer’ is put in place and to follow certain customer identification processes for opening of accounts and monitoring transactions of suspicious nature keeping in view the possibility of the use of money through these accounts for criminal and other unlawful purposes for which a new legislation namely “Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA, 2002), 2002” has been framed.

In view of this, New Habitat Housing Finance And Development Limited has framed its KYC policy to ensure compliance with PMLA, 2002, and the guidelines referred above. As per the policy, the applicants and co-applicants need to submit the following documents as proofs for various purposes as stated under.

List of documents/ supporting documents to be submitted by applicant/ co-applicant

Proof Criteria Documents
Application form with photograph Duly completed application form signed by all applicants/ co-applicants
Age Proof (any two documents) PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Election ID Card, UID/ Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate, Employee ID Card (only for PSU/ Government Employees), School/ College passing certificate
Photo ID Proof (any two documents) PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, UID/ Aadhar Card, Letter from existing banker
Address Proof (any two documents) Passport, Driving License, Election ID Card, UID/ Aadhar Card, Electricity/ Telephone/ Mobile Bill (Latest not more than 3 months old), statement of account/ Passbook maintained with any scheduled bank, True copy of Gas connection book, Letter from employer certifying residential address
Bank statement / Pass book copy Bank statement required for the last six months from salary a/c or from operating a/c (for cash salary)