Lease Rentals Discounting

Lease Rentals Discounting

Avail a loan on your rented commercial property by getting a lump-sum amount against a mortgage of your leased/ rented property by discounting the cash flow generated from this property for flexible fulfilment of your business needs through SHFL Lease Rental Discounting.


  • LRD will be given against the existing rental income of a commercial property for a specific use
  • Age

  • The applicant/co applicant should has minimum 21 years and maximum 70 years of age
  • Tenure

  • Maximum 10 years or expiration of lease, whichever is earlier.
  • Rate of Interest

  • We provide floating rate of interest which is determined as per market conditions and it is linked to our BPLR – Benchmark Prime Lending Rate.
  • Lease Rental Discount eligibility

    Minimum loan amount which can be availed from SHFL is Rs 5 Lakh and above. We provide funding upto 55% of Market value. Any salaried or self employed professional/non professional is eligible for Loan against property loan from SHFL. However Lease Rental Discounting loan amount is calculated by taking various factors as :-

    1. Age
    2. Income
    3. Profile
    4. Saving Habit
    5. Expenses
    6. Repayment Track record

    Benefits of availing Lease Rental Discounting Loan from SHFL

    1. Funding available across major part of properties under Delhi/NCR
    2. Personalized and Hassle free customer service
    3. Easy Documentation
    4. Transparent Processes
    5. Attractive Rates of Interest
    6. Fast and efficient loan processing