Mission & Vision


The Government of India has put a thrust on Affordable housing and supportive policy framework. Contributing to the Government’s vision, SHFL aims to provide easy housing finance solutions to its customers. While expanding its presence across the country particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the housing loan business supports the endeavor to offer financial inclusion and create smart cities. The small ticket sized loans offered by us here, ensure that there is more affordability to those who come from the unbanked communities, and may often have deficient documentation, which makes it difficult for them to avail loans from bigger institutions and banks. SHFL aims to be a market leader in the field of affordable housing. We aspire to provide affordability along with respectability to our consumers. We also aim to distribute our services through the means of door step banking, to a large extent, to make the task of loan disbursement an easy process for our customers.


SHFL has the whole and sole vision, to help our customers build their own house. We hope to facilitate readily available housing loans, allowing individuals to fulfill their dream of owning their own house. We target the underserved communities, so that we can fulfill the dream of a more financially inclusive society. We are constantly trying to ensure that the underserved communities are able to have a safe haven of their own.